Internship Program


  • Enrolled in an accredited HVAC program
  • In good standing financially and academically with their school
  • Has integrity, good work ethic and energy
  • Willing to learn while adding value with innovative ideas
  • Able to work on a team

As an Intern, You Will:

  • Set a start date in conjunction with school expectations and Allied Refrigeration.
  • Be connected to a mentor within the Allied Leadership team that will:
    • Set time commitments that meet School expectations, allow for a quality learning experience and help meet Allied goals.
    • Set and discuss learning objectives.
    • Make sure that your Allied experience is fulfilling.
  • Attend the leadership meeting once a month.
  • Spend time with the Allied leadership team.
  • Gain experience on the Service team.
  • Gain experience on the Construction team.
  • Have an opportunity to apply for full-time employment at Allied Refrigeration.


  • Internship Orientation
  • Set objectives with your mentor
  • Meet weekly with your mentor
  • Be a critical part of the Allied Team

 Click Here To Download the Internship Application

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