Our mission is to be the Cold Storage, Compliance and Climate Control solution for our customers and our main clients represent some of the largest Food Retail, Education and Medical names in our world.  Our mission and the industries we serve make it especially important that our leadership team ensures our team and customers are educated and that we are implementing protocols that assist in keeping a safe and healthy work environment as our world confronts the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. 

As you are thoroughly aware, our planet is facing the realities of confronting the impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. It is my sincere hope that the aggressive steps implemented and suggested by scientists, world leaders, community leaders, industry leaders and the medical community will further protect our planet’s citizens from a virus that everyone is still seeking to understand. 

Make no mistake, our world will be changed for the foreseeable future and the impact of this “world event” will be felt within our families, our Allied team and our local communities.  If you’re like me you are probably asking, “How should I best show my concern and what can I do?  For starters, we can confront fear, ignorance and panic through:

  • basic safety and healthy practices,
  • carefully thought out protocols,
  • education,
  • good communication,
  • teamwork
  • and patience.

I will be including some practices and protocols, some guidelines to help you as you interact with customers and some resources from the CDC and the medical community.  Our leadership team will be providing consistent and continual support and feedback within the coming weeks. 








Other Resources: 

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