792 is in full swing!

If you are looking for a Refrigeration company to walk alongside your business as you decide what type of refrigeration solution to choose, let Allied help you!

Have you ever heard of a Store Survey?

Knowing what you have is more than half that battle. We can help.  Did you know that one service call to do a Store Survey could save you money, protect your budget and give you a heads up on developing issues with vital equipment.  Call us to see if a Store Survey is right for you.

We are excited to be doing paperless invoicing now!

The AlliedLogo_NewSmall     AND      logo  partnership is in integration and live phase.  Our clients are starting to see the benefits of our new and improved dispatching, equipment tracking and invoicing system!  The benefit to our customers include(s): up-to-date equipment information, more efficient job tracking and direct access to critical information in the field.  We would love to explain how our new tablet system benefits you!

Continuing Education Update:

December 4, 2015: Tulsa and OKC Service Technicians attended the Sporlan Supermarket Refrigeration Training Course on December 2 in Houston, Texas.   We are proud of the Allied Service Team and their commitment to continuing education.